Monday, July 24, 2017

Apartment Inspiration

Apartment Inspiration
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm living in an apartment on campus this year. I'm so excited to actually have a bit more space because living in a dorm was definitely a bit cramped. I'm living with my roommate from last year, and two of my other best friends from school. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom so although we'll have more space, we still have to share a bit. The best part about the apartment...a kitchen! Living in a dorm was the worst because we constantly ate out because we were so sick of the food on campus. LMU's food is pretty good, but I got sick of it so quickly because I ate the same things every day.

Because I go to school in California I have to do most of my apartment shopping when I'm actually out there the week before school starts. I leave August 21st (so soon!) and am working as an August orientation leader when I get back so I get to move in a few days early. Luckily the area around me in LA has so much stuff around it so I'll be able to hit up a lot of stores to find all of my apartment essentials. My favorite store for home decor is definitely HomeGoods because they have a great selection at great price points!

I already have white bedding and gray sheets from last year that I'll be using again, but I definitely want to spice things up with some new wall decor and decorative pillows this year. If you want to see my dorm tour from last year check that out here.

I purchased an Amazon Echo on major sale on Amazon Prime day and could not be more excited about it. I accidentally ordered it to my box at school though so thankfully my Big is living on campus this summer and was able to pick it up for me! I'm in definite need of some cute storage this year because I'll be sharing a walk-in closet with my roommate. I definitely want some storage bins like these to keep my stuff in, while also adding a fun touch of color/texture to the room. If you have any recommendations of ideas for college apartments please share below ;)


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  1. I love to buy things for my apartment and what i cant find i DIY it! There is something very calming about decorating your apartment to a add a bit of homliness in it!