Monday, July 31, 2017

Life Update

Long time, no chat! This past week was honestly just me being lazy about blogging, and spending more time searching the internet and watching YouTube videos, rather than being productive. I realized I haven't mentioned a ton about my life in quite some time on this blog so I wanted to share with you all a life update and what I have going on in the next month or so. Also, how is it August tomorrow? That's so crazy to me!!

Today I leave for Saugatuck, MI until Saturday and am soo excited. I've been home since May 5 and the only traveling I have done was to visit a friend at Mizzou in May. Other than that I've been in town all summer and am so ready to get away, even if just for a week. I ended up quitting my job a week early to go on this family vacation, but I know it will be so worth it (and honestly I'm not sad about quitting early). This was the only week available between my brother's football schedule and mine and my sister's work schedules that we were able to skip town and I'm so ecstatic that we are to staying at a family friend's lakehouse for the week. I have only two goals this week: to read a book and even out my one piece tan haha ;).

On the note of work, I can't say my job was exactly what I was picturing this summer. In all honesty, it was awful. I was not a fan of the company I was working for and the whole camp overall was extremely disorganized. I learned a lot this summer about communicating and making the best of what you have, but let's just say I will not be working a job like this one ever again. Thankfully, my co-counselors were awesome and made the entire experience bearable.

I can't believe summer is almost over, but I'm also so incredibly relieved. I've been sort of bored out of my mind this summer and am so excited to head back to Los Angeles on August 21. A lot of my friends have been gone this summer so it's been sort of lonely here in town and I can't wait to be living with my best friends at school and nearby to all the other sophomores. But, before summer can come to a close I have Lollapalooza on Sunday and am babysitting for a friend's dog the week before I leave and am so stoked (I'm actually obsessed with his dog). Now all I need to do is get over my fear of flying and I'll be back in LA sooner than I think!

What are you up to these final days of summer? Xo


  1. Your travel blog just makes me want to plan some vacation and have some me time lol. Travel is just something which really makes me feel and explore many different things

  2. I was also a free soul once and used to enjoy my summer vacationing. But now with two kids, I think of summer as just catching up on lost sleep.