Monday, August 21, 2017

Off To The West Coast

@ Summer House Santa Monica // Chicago, IL

And I'm off! When you're reading this I'm most likely on my way back to Los Angeles! It's so weird to think that I'm actually moving back to my favorite place on earth. Last year at school was a total dream because it was my biggest aspiration to live in Los Angeles and I really couldn't believe that I was living my dream. I'm so excited to finally be "home", move into my apartment and finally see my friends!

My final day at home was spent rushing around the mall picking up last minute necessities and going to a fave dinner spot with my bff. As much as I'm ready to go, it's sad to say goodbye to everyone and everything at home. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is only a few months away and I'll be back before I know it! Plus there's so much to look forward to this fall including Pi Phi events, new classes, USC football games (oops I don't go there, but I still go to the games haha) and just overall beautiful weather. I can't wait to see what sophomore year has in store!! Wish me luck!


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