Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

Wow, how is it already October? Also, I'm turning 20 on Friday and I seriously can't believe it! I thought when I turned 18 I was old, but now I'm seriously getting old. In fact, I'm no longer going to be a teenager. On another note, I wanted to share a typical weekend in my life here at LMU. 

Friday I get out of class at 11:20 so usually the day goes one of two ways. Either I am feeling super motivated and clean my apartment and work on homework. Or, I spend the day doing something fun like going to the beach or going shopping! This Friday I had a meeting with a professor and then football practice for my sorority's Greek Week before my friend from out of town was to arrive. Choosing to join the football team seemed like so much fun, but with 6:00 am practices all week I'm starting to re-think it all. But I still think it will be so fun once it's time for the game!
When my friend Anna from home arrived (she drove to LA from Arizona State where she goes to school) we grabbed dinner real quick and then headed back to my apartment for Pi Phi date night. The theme was "A Royal Affair" so we went as Sam and Austin from A Cinderella Story. Our costumes were such a hit and everyone was thoroughly impressed with our creativity. The night was really fun overall, but super exhausting.

Anna left early the next day to go tailgate at USC, while I relaxed the majority of the day and spent my time enjoying having the apartment to myself. While home I have the luxury of having a wing of the house to myself, aside from sharing a bathroom with my brother, but in college, space is definitely minimal. So, I take every chance I can get to sneak in a bit of alone time. 
Saturday night I went to my friend Gaia's date night for Delta Zeta and it was another super fun evening. Their theme was "Out of this World" so we went as basic space girls. I personally liked her venue and overall date night better than my own, but I think I was just in a better mood on Saturday night. 

Sunday was spent hanging out with my roommates and overall just relaxing before diving into my homework after going to chapter. This is honestly pretty accurate to a typical weekend in my life, but usually, I like to add something a little more exciting during the day on Saturday, especially a run to the Farmer's Market near my campus. 

This Friday is my 20th birthday and we happen to have the day off of school. I'm looking forward to going to dinner on Wednesday with a few friends before I head to San Diego with two other friends to celebrate our long weekend and my birthday!


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