Thursday, November 16, 2017

Why Rush A Sorority?

Sorority recruitment is quickly approaching for schools that rush second semester! I still am totally lost on the entire process even though I will soon be going through recruitment on the other end of things this year! My sorority is starting recruitment practices very soon and I know it will be a very strenuous process, but also so much fun to bond with my sisters. I always hated when people wrote posts like this but didn't share what sorority they were a part of and where. So, for reference, I am a Pi Beta Phi at Loyola Marymount University.

I know that going through sorority recruitment is such a grueling process and definitely something that is mentally exhausting. However, it is something I very strongly encourage, especially if you're on the fence about it. With this being Thanksgiving week as well, I wanted to share my experience of being in Pi Phi and why I'm so grateful.

Last year I was so eager to rush a sorority and went to all the open houses that each of the seven chapters held at LMU. In a sense, this might not have been the best idea because I went into recruitment with a particular sorority in mind. And no, it was not Pi Phi. I strongly advise you to go into sorority recruitment with a vastly open mind. Things change quickly and you most likely will be dropped from at least one house that you really liked. It might not be because they disliked you, but most likely they saw you in another chapter.
I remember after joining Pi Phi I was so excited! Two of my best friends from LMU also joined the same sorority and I couldn't wait to make so many new friends and have that feeling of sisterhood in my life. However, as much as I liked all the girls in my chapter I felt somewhat distant from them. My best friend at school who I lived right next door to wasn't interested in getting as involved in the sorority as I was. I felt that it was difficult to get acquainted with others because it's quite nervewracking to do things completely on your own. Sometimes you just need to show up to events with someone to feel a bit more comfortable. Without having her I felt lost and didn't go to many events. She is also the type of person that can meet someone for thirty minutes and instantly connect with them and be best friends. I, on the other hand, take a bit longer to get to know so having that competition was always difficult.

However coming back to the fall this semester I was determined to make the most of being in my sorority. I wasn't going to let her disinterest in getting involved affect my strong desire to participate. With lip sync, our big Greek competition, happening the first week of school I decided to help with props for that. I helped with the filming and editing of our sorority recruitment video. I decided to join our Greek Cup football team. I attempted to spend more time with my Big. I went to pretty much any event that we did throughout this first semester.
It was these small things that made all the difference in my sorority experience. I have found that you truly do get out of a sorority what you put in. Being on my sorority's football team really changed my Pi Phi experience. Having 6:00 am practices for three weeks straight you become so much closer to both your sisters and your coaches. I went from considering dropping at the beginning of the semester, to being unable to imagine my life without my sorority sisters. They are such a solid group of friends with different personalities, but the same core values.

Don't let the small things discourage you and make the extra effort to be involved. It can be difficult, especially when you don't have a house like my chapter, but is so worth it in the long run. I am so grateful for this semester's experience as a Pi Phi and I can't wait to see what the next two and a half years of college bring.

Go Greek and find your home. 


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