Monday, March 5, 2018

10 Fun Facts About Me

I've been at sort of a standstill with what to write on this blog. I used to never even think about what to write, it would always come naturally to me. However, recently I've been feeling a bit uninspired. So, if you're new around here, or you're a loyal reader but don't feel like you know enough about me here are ten fun facts!

1.  I'm a video editing junkie. I've always loved to edit videos on iMovie when I was a kid, and I practically documented my entire childhood on that application. Even still I love filming when I visit a new city or when out exploring with friends. I got Final Cut Pro X for my birthday and it's been so fun to play with because it is infinitely better than iMovie.

2. YouTube is a disgustingly prominent element in my life. I've been a YouTube addict for as long as I can remember discovering the site. I'm subscribed to well over 100 channels and watch at least an hour of videos each day. Where I go to school is actually really close to the YouTube space and when I saw it for the first time I kind of freaked out!

3. I am a huge procrastinator. I don't think I've ever been someone to get things done well before they are due. I remember doing my book reports as a kid the night before and staying up until 10 pm while my mom got angry at me for delaying it until the last minute. Even in college, I'm guilty of pulling all-nighters because I have no sense of getting things done early.

4. I rarely wear makeup. Personally, I hate the feeling of makeup on my face. And I am not ashamed at all to go out barefaced, or with just a swipe of mascara. People probably think I am constantly tired (the bags under my eyes are intense) or sick, but I really don't care. I like my skin to breathe!

5. The weather often controls my mood. Part of the reason I love living in California so much is that every day I wake up and it's sunny. Chicago is such a great city, but I tend to become lazy and uninspired when it is often cold and dreary out.

6. I am always listening to music. When Spotify did their yearly recaps for each of their users I had listened to over 80,000 minutes in the past year. I listen to music while I do everything and I've really discovered some of the best music since I've been in college. If you're interested, follow me on Spotify here.

7. I have two siblings. This might be obvious for people, but I thought it'd be fun to include if you never knew! My older sister, Kristen, is 22 and goes to school in Chicago, but is graduating come spring. My younger brother, Brian, is 17 and a senior in high school.

8. I love kombucha. My sister has been a kombucha addict for so long and I finally tried it during my senior year of high school. Thankfully, living in LA kombucha is everywhere and even on tap at my school's local coffee shop.

9. I'm much more of a computer addict than a phone addict. I've broken my phone numerous times, and always put off getting a new one due to cost or (honestly) pure laziness. I cannot go a day without my computer I literally sleep with it, but I don't care about my phone at all. And honestly, I hate Snapchat ;(

10. I'm obsessed with chickpeas. This is a more recent obsession and you're probably like whyyy. But I swear, roasted chickpeas are the greatest thing! I simply crack open a can of chickpeas, lay them on some tin foil on a cookie sheet, sprinkle them with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and cook for 35 minutes. They're crunchy like chips but packed with protein and fiber!

I want this to be something that is reciprocated! Now that I told you about me, I want to hear about you. What's a fun fact about yourself? Share with me below. 


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